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Saturday, May 2, 2015

Battle Report: Axes of Kharn

Forces of Chaos
Khorne Berserkers
Chaos Marine (10 Man; Banner of Khorne)
Land Raider

White Scars
Kor'sarro Khan
Bike Squad (6 Bikes; Melta)
Tactical Squad (10 Man; Melta, Multi-Melta)
Dark Angels
Librarian (Power Field Generator, Melta Bombs)
Tactical Squad (Plasma Cannon)
Scout Squad (Camo Cloaks, Heavy Bolter)
Deathwing Knights

Game Type: Big Guns Never Tire (4 objectives)

Turn 1a: White Scars move their Rhino into nearby ruins.  Khan leads the bikes onto the ruins with the scouts.  Dark Angels fire their plasma cannon at the enemy Rhino; the gunner get killed by the overheating gun.

Turn 1b: All vehicles rush forward.  Marines in Rhino kill two scouts, and Land Raider destroys a bike.  Maulerfiend wrecks White Scars Rhino.  Tactical Marines bail out.
Points: 0-1

Turn 2a: Deathwing Knights teleport in behind Chaos Rhino.  White Scars marines fire both melta weapons at the Maulerfiend; it suffered a shaken result with one hull point left.  Bikes take a hull point off the Rhino while the vehicle and passengers are stunned.  Both vehicles are wrecked in melee.
Points: 1-1

Turn 2b: Land Raider moves towards the Deathwing Knights, and the occupants rush out.  The combine fire from the Land Raider, Berserkers, and Chaos Marines only take down two of the Knights.  Marines charge into melee against them.  The Knight Commander and Aspiring Champion off each other in a challenge; one knight is brought low for the price of three marines.  The marines fail their morale check, and run off the board.

Conclusions: We had to call the game at this point.  The Dark Angels started on an objective, and never left it.  White Scars and Berserkers both claim one on the second turn.  Additionally, the lone Deathwing Knight was still in the enemy's deployment zone.
Final Score: 8-4


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