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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

NSAE #1 (Nope, Still Alive Everyone)

I've got three categories of news right now: The Good, The Bad, And the Ugly.

The Good: I've got my inspiration back for painting and warhammer. I also have a shiney new digital camera to take pictures with as well as a new laptop. (Graduation Presents, both of them)
The Bad: For the longest time I was looking at my growing collection of 40+ troopers I still had to paint and put together. I was at the phase of "That is way too much, i'll do it later." No longer though.
The Ugly: Games may take a while to put up. I no longer have my ipad (which had several pictures and a couple of battle reports on it). And since my ipad is gone, I no longer have my codex and rulebook.

However I am working on acquiring a new rulebook as well as codex, and it will not take long to attain them both. I've made it back over the roughest patch of my warhammer career. So hopefully i'll have a few battle reports up here pretty soon. Hopefully. losing the ipad is a blessing and a curse. It wouldn't let me post anything too lengthy.

On a side note, My turtle Uylesses died :( . I've had him for years and he's gone. So in his named I've christened a new Captain in his name. Cpt. Uylesses. he'll be a platoon commander or something. You'll het to see him when I have a wargame with the VII Legion later this week. It's the one game U have schedualed for certain.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

A quick update

Sorry for not posting as much as I want to, I got a new laptop and just have been very busy with things lately. But yes, now that I have a new laptop I should be able to post a lot more than I have been. Anyways I'll try to post a battle report tonight. I'm actually posting this article from my game store anyways. Also I may have a friend posting articles as well; He plays here and wants to join the crusade! Back to why he's posting though. He will be posting the air battles of warhammer, and I think its a good idea that is very rarely done. So whenever he starts give his stuff a read and enjoy

Until my next post, Stay Frosty.