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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Worth a lol

Its a nice LOL

Things that will be done by Friday for SURE.

1. Showcase some new models I have. Like Lord Commissar Django
2. Have more pictures and another battle report to write
3. Order a new cruiser for my battlefleet
4. Finish the next Arrakian accord. It seems battle reports just pile up and up. I need help with this organization
5. Prove the Existence of the Alpha Legion

Painting critique

I had a discussion with someone, and the topic of painting miniatures came up. I was asked if I was any good. I told her that I supposed I was decent, there are much better painters out there.
But I got to really thinking about it, and Now I'm asking anyone who reads this: What's your opinion on my painting? Is there anything I should do Differently? Anything I should add or remove?
Leave your answers below and I'll get to them when I can

Saturday, October 5, 2013

My To-Do list for today

1. Wrestle my dog Caesar back into his collar. He's not exactly small, and as strong as.. well.. a strong dog
2. Paint some things for warhammer, take pics
3. Finish a battle report
4. Take the trash which Caesar has so KINDLY distributed all throughout my home
5. Realize that i'vebeen up for near 48 hours and Crash. Hard.
6. Wake up and read my Imperial Infantryman's Uplifting Primer
7. Get a snack
8. Work on thesis to Prove the existence of the Alpha Legion
9. finally beat DoW 2 now that I've got it working properply
10. Ragequit DoW 2 because of Tyranids
11. Or orks
12. Fantasize about having another cruiser in Battlefleet Gothic.
13. Accidentally break one of my models, swear profusely
14. Mentally Summon Doomrider.
15. Do Cocaine. COCAINE.
16. Topple the Imperium with Doomrider while Simultaniously pleasuring three women
17. Wake up several hours later realizing that steps 14-16 were a dream
18. Ragequit being awake and go back to sleep, only to be woken up early early sunday morning

15 Easy Steps to making 3AM Tea

1. Get thirsty, but don't feel like getting up yet
2. Still thirsty, try to ignore the face that you're getting thirsty
3. Say screw it, get up and go look in the fridge for ten minutes but to no avail. Return to you seat
4. Give up and go look again, this time have an idea of what sounds good. Some nice warm tea
5. Get a mug and put water in it
6. Realize that you don't remember where you put your tea bags
7. Ask your cat where the bags are
8. Realize your cat is a selfish asshole and wouldn't tell you even if he knew where they were
9. Fight off your cat attacking your feet as you search each cupboard
10. Find tea
11. Realize what you found is green tea, and keep looking
12. Find the proper tea
13 Get the mug of water and nuke it in the microwave
14. Once finished, carefully remove the mug and put tea bags in it
15. Wait about five minutes, add sugar, stir, and enjoy

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Hammer of Absolution, On Station

      It was a good day in the Vatarian orbital shipyards. An old Lunar Class Cruiser had been restored to full fighting condition and equipped with state of the art equipment. The orbital dockworkers watched proudly as the new vessel, christened "Hammer of Absolution", maneuvered itself away from its former docking port, and out in the direction of space. The ship looked proud with its new green and white paint coloration.

From inside the bridge, Captain Darius ordered the ship prepare it's warp drives for full acceleration toward the planet Arrakia. The ship was assigned to the Vatarian 8th Battlegroup, which was currently assigned to the Harkonnen system to act security for the units operating on the ground. The duty may not be glorious, but it was an important part of the war being fought. His helmsman turned toward him to deliver a report. "We're cleared for warp, Captain." Excellent, our part of the war begins here. "Take us out, number one."
"Aye Aye sir."

Captain Darius sat in his command chair as he felt the vibrations go throughout the ship; signifying that they had entered the perilous warp. The Hammer of Absolution was on its way to it's first deployment.

As they arrived back in realspace, Captain Darius sent a single of transmission to the men on the ground. "Hammer of Absolution is on station."

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Arrakian Accord pt 5, Battle for Leto Highway

Segmentum Tempestus 999.M41

Harkonnen IV System; Planet Arrakia

Days on planet: 15

Situation: Optimal
"Wake up Aelgafar." The voice was soft, yet authoritative. "Major, it's time to wake up." Carpenter felt a sharp pain in his arm and he felt energy flow into him.

A different voice, more hostile, spoke along with a prod in his side. "Oi! Major. Wake up. It's time to get your sorry arse on the line."

Aelgafar slowly raised his hand and used an all too familiar gesture. There was a chuckle of laughter followed by a good humored response.

"Glad to see you're alright, Major. I was starting to get worried for a second there."

He sat up and opened his eyes slowly to let them adjust to the light. He was inside a tent. His tent. Every belonging was in it's normal position, the only difference was when he looked outside the tent flap, there was a mountain range in the desert instead of the desert. He then looked at the two figures who had been attempting to wake him. The first voice belonged to Captain Ulysses. The second one to Sergeant Rielly.

Ulysses spoke first. "We're glad you're awake Major. There is a Major operation going on and The Inquisitor wanted every man who could hold a lasgun or autogun available."

Carpenter rubbed his neck and stood up. "Major Operation, Captain?"

Rielly answered this time. "Yes sir. The Black Legion is attempting to break out of Leton. The Inquisition scraped up two entire companies of space marines to try and hold back their assault."

Aelgafar walked out of the tent and was amazed at their surroundings. Far to the east and in front of the distant mountain range, columns of smoke raised high into the sky from the capital city. It was unnerving to the think of all the death that was taking place there. Rielly and Ulysses emerged from the tent as well and observed the same columns of smoke that continuously rose. "It's horrible, isn't it sir? There were well over a hundred thousand civilians in that city. All either dead, enslaved, or followers of chaos now." Aelgafar felt a strange feeling when Ulysses finished his sentence. A feeling of unnatural serenity. He shook it just as quickly as it came, and he felt anger fill his mind and heart. This anger though, also did not feel natural. Like it was not his own. He felt the anger at himself for not killing more of the traitors. He felt anger at his men for being slow to act against the Black Legion. He just felt angry at it all. Only one thought prevailed in his mind through the anger, and this thought felt like it was fuelled by the anger.

"We have to stop them." He whispered.

Rielly placed his hand on his shoulder. "Sir?"

"We have to stop them Rielly. We have to put a halt to the Black Legion here and now before that" He pointed towards the capital city "Becomes common on this planet."

Ulysses replied before Rielly could. "That's why we're here sir. We have a company from the Steel Nightmares, a Company from the Steel Sabres. (That is the name of the Former "Renegade Marines" chapter. The player finally decided that he would be a proper chapter instead of a Gaggle of random marines.) and our entire company has been called up to this battle as well."

Carpenter thought for a moment. "What of the Thunder Dragons? Were they not also deployed on this planet?"

"Yes sir, ther are. However, we lost contact with them after the First battle of Melange. They are presumed cut off due to sandstorms and enemy contacts."

"Damn. We could have used them here. Estimated enemy strength?"

"Early estimates say that at least five companies, all mechanized, have deployed into the area."

Aelgafar saw a black strip along the ground in the distance. He notioned to it and looked at Rielly. "What is that?"

"That is Leto Highway sir. It is the only way to get vehicles into the desert and other cities. If you're not on that asphalt when you leave the region, your vehicle sinks right into the sand."

"So that's why they chose here to break out. Interesting."

"Yes sir. This is the only highway that leads into the capital from this direction. The only other one is to the direct south of the capital, and it leads into Melange. Nothing so far has come back from that town, be it Imperial or Traitor."

"Good. Natural buffer zone then. When are we expecting to ride out an meet the Black Legion?"

"Tomorrow, Sir."

"Excellent. Ulysses, Order your men to eat a hardy meal tonight. As well as a good night's sleep. Rielly, what is our supply situation?"

"Truthfully sir, with what we could salvage from wreckage around this area. We have enough ammunition to supply three companies for a few days."

Carpenter was taken aback. "THREE companies, Rielly? And what wreckage?"

"Well sir, from what we ascertain, this is where the Imperial PDF forces who fled the city got cut down. Not all of them, but certainly quite a few. The supplies were left abandoned along with a few working Half-ton trucks."

"Outstanding then! Make sure that each trooper is issued at least twice his normal ammunition supply. If we are facing five companies of Traitor marines, we'll need every shot."

"Yes sir. Oh, and I believe The Inquisitor wanted you in the command tent when you woke up. Its the largest tent at the very centre of camp. You can't miss it, sir." With those final words, Rielly vanished to do his assigned duties, Leaving Carpenter standing in between rows of tents.

He passed various guardsmen long the way to the command tent. None of them stopped what they were doing to salute him. Good men, he thought. They remembered not to ever salute in an active warzone due to possible enemy snipers. Most of them did nod or acknowledge his passing with a simple wave. Good men indeed. He tried not to think about how many men would be lost before this Warp-damned campaign was over. As he approached the command tent, he was intercepted by two Astarted clad in Black amour with red legs and green helmets. "Identify yourself." One demanded.

"Major Carpenter." Aelgafar replied.

The Astartes froze for a moment, no doubt talking into a vox link inside of his helmet. "You may proceed." He stated, and both of them cleared out of his way and back to their original positions.

When Aelgafar entered the Tent, he could feel the tension in the air. There were two Astartes standing with the Inquisitor who Aelgafar had met before. "Ah, Major. I was beginning to wonder if you would ever recover from your... fatigue."

"What, and miss this lovely outing you have planned for us? Not a chance."

The Inquisitor smirked under his hood. "Good to see that your attitude hasn't suffered any. Good. We'll need you in this upcoming battle." He motioned to the Astartes on his left. This one was clad in the same armour as the guards outside. "This is Chapter Master Holt of the Steel Nightmares. He and his Astartes will be advancing up the centre in an attempt at breaking the main advance of the Black Legion." He then motioned to the Astartes to his right. This Space Marine's armour was completely grey, save for black shoulder pauldrons and metallic trimmings. "This is Chapter Master Troy Armstrong of the Steel Sabres. He and his chapter will be advancing up the left flank to preform a blocking manuvoure to prevent any further extensions of the traitor's lines." Both of the Chapter Masters nodded respectfully. That was quite a display of respect coming from the Space Marines. To even be acknowledged by an Astartes commander was highly uncommon.

"I'm assuming that would leave my company to advance up the right flank and ensure that no hostile reinforcements are brought up?"

The Inquisitor seemed suprised. "Yes, that is correct Major. Your duties will also involve ranged support with your battle tanks." He looked at the two Chapter masters and dismissed them both with a wave of his hand. Aelgafar was now alone with the Inquisitor.

"So, Major. From what the Medics tell me, you're completely fit to fight."

"Yes, Inquisitor."

"It leaves one to wonder how you survived your trek through the desert. Would you care to shed some light on how you managed to survive?"

"I kept going, Inquisitor."

"We found you in the midst of a sandstorm, miles away from the original objective. MaiLai is quite a ways away from where we are now. How did you know which direction to go?"

"I didn't, Inquisitor."

The Inquisitor looked him over for a moment before speaking. "Is there anything I should know, Aelgafar?"

"No, Inquisitor. Only that I am here now and ready to assume command of my Company."

The Inquisitor pulled back his hood to reveal his face. He had dirty blond hair and purple eyes with skin that said he'd spent a lot of time in the sun. There were wrinkles on his face. Not from age, but from what looked like years of stress. "Nimorol, Major. Inquisitor Nimorol." He reached into a compartment on his armor and pulled out a flask, offering it to Aelgafar.

Aelgafar took it and took a swig. The Amasec was strong enough to make him cringe. Nimorol spoke up. "It's Cadian. Hard to find this far away from the gate, but damn worth the cost."

Aelgafar cleared his throat with a cough before he replied. "Didn't think Inquisitors drank."

"You'd be surprised at the number of things we do that others do not expect. I would ask you to have a seat."

He sat down and Aelgafar did the same. Nimorol took the flask and had a long drink before returning it to it's compartment. "Truthfully Major, we're a half-step away from losing this planet. If the Black Legion breaks through here, there is nowhere else we could have a proper chance at stopping them. This is it. This is our one shot to buy time for reinforcements to arrive. It's simple numbers. They have more, and will continue to get more so long as the warp portals they came in on stay open. There is currently a debate on what units could go in to kill the chaos sorcerers who keep the portals open"

Aelgafar was surprised at Nimorol's openness. "Why are you telling me this? Is this not information better left with the Astartes?"

Nimorol looked grim. "Because your unit is under consideration of being sent in."

Aelgafar felt himself go pale. "A company of guardsmen is no match for a Traitor Legion and it's foul sorcery!"

Nimorol was unmoved at the outburst, in fact, he suspected it. "Sacrifices must be made if Victory is to be achieved, Aelgafar. Just as the 3rd Calvalry Ensured that the Black Legion was unable to take the eastern highway."

"What do you mean by that?"

"They fought the Black Legion in the city of Voge to buy time for us to seal the mountain pass that led out of the area. They were cornered and they knew it. But they also knew what was at stake."

Aelgafar felt the urge to strike Nimorol at that moment more than ever. He placed his hand on the hilt of his saber and fought the muscles not to draw it and strike out.

"Do you not approve of what's happening here? Well too bad Aelgafar. It's a simple fact: The Black Legion will stop at nothing to take this planet and if they do they will eventually move on to the entire system. If we do not stop them then all of this," Nimorol waved his hands around "all of this would be for nothing."

Aelgafar didn't immediately reply. He simply stood and stared out of a nearby window flap. "I do understand, Inquisitor Nimorol. I understand all too well at what this victory will cost. Don't you worry about my men tomorrow. They'll be ready. You make sure that the end is justified by all the means." With those closing words, he left the tent to prepare for the next day.

Segmentum Tempestus 999.M41

Harkonnen IV System; Planet Arrakia

Days on planet: 16

Situation: Stable

It was early morning when Imperial forces deployed near the highway to intercept the chaos convoy. Major Carpenter rode atop the tank Von Sica to the ambush point. There was no vox chatter this morning, each unit knew what their mission was and what to do. He looked through his night vision scope in the direction of the highway. Sure enough, there was a line of Black Legion Rhinos trudging along. He felt the tank stop with a slight jerk, and he climbed out of the cupola and stood behind with his advisors.
A nearby vanquisher was training it's sights on an enemy Vindicator. He walked over behind the tank and opened a small compartment near the engine. It contained a field telephone that had a direct link to the tank commander. He held it to his ear.
"Sergeant Zale, here."
"This is Major Carpenter. We fire the opening shot in this Op. Make it count." He promptly returned the telephone to its housing and all was silent for a moment. Then the Vanquisher fired.

A brilliant explosion lit the sky as the enemy tank went up in flames. The Vanquisher round had pierced the ammo stores of the siege vehicle and caused a lethal explosion. It was beautiful.
The convoy skid to a halt and began to disgorge Traitor Astartes who promptly began to return fire in the direction of the loyalists. The traitors began to pick off loyalist Astartes from the centre line. His radioman strode up to him as the rest of the 2nd company tanks opened fire.
"Major Carpenter Sir, Vox for you."
"Thank you, Harvey." He took the vox headset and put it on. "Carpenter here."
"Major, this is Holt. one of my dreadnaughts just took a direct hit. He has been taken out of action and completely immobilized and has a weapon destroyed. We need your armour to focus on the centre section. The left flank is holding nicely, but we're threatening to be overrun in the centre."
"Copy that, will direct armour fire to centre column."

"All tanks, fire on targets in the centre line. The Astartes are requesting support, show them what we're made of." The various tanks of 2nd Company rotated their turrets and began firing against targets in the centre. The sentinels that were providing escort for the tanks began to also unleash torrents of autocannon fire at the nearest of the rhinos in an attempt to cripple it before it could disgorge it's lethal occupants.

Fire began to ricochet off the front of the tanks as the rhinos drew closer. "Get down!" Carpenter's voice was almost drown out as the lead tank erupted into flames from a stray lascannon blast. Carpenter glanced up from his position to try and catch a glance at his attackers. All he saw was a plasma blast coming straight toward him. Time seemed to move in slow motion as he jumped away from the incoming round. It erupted into a brilliant plasma flash behind him and he was propelled into the side of another tank. Captain Ulysses ran over to him as he lay curled up on the ground in pain. "Major are you alright!?" Aelgafar let out a stream of curses that made Ulysses flinch. Aelgafar had a death grip on his stomach. There was blood pouring from under his hands. "Oh damnation. Medic!"
Sergeant Rielly saw the one who fired the plasma blast. He led his Veterans against the traitor squad. "Take those bastards down men! Throw the demo charge and fire at full auto!" He and his men unleashed a helltorrent of lasgun fire against the traitor marine squad. Rielly was close enough to hear the traitor's voices over the lasgun fire. Before the traitors could raise their own boltguns in response fire, he heaved a large demolitions charge at the traitors and their rhino. It exploded with devastating effect, effectively destroying the entire squad in one blast.

Unexpectedly, the chaos rhinos began to surge forward against the Imperial lines. 2nd Company was slowly being forced to retreat back, else they would be crushed under the treads of the oncoming vehicles. Seeing the threat of a broken line, Chapter Master Armstrong pushed his men forward on the left flank. They drove hard into the Traitor lines and broke several hostile squads and forced them to retreat. Chapter Master Holt urged his men up the centre and began a grueling counter attack against the Black Legion mechanized infantry.
The Guardsmen of 2nd Company had pulled back to form a defensive line around the forward aid station that held Major Carpenter. The Armour stayed on the forward line to help the Astartes fight off the Chaos assault.

Explosions rattled the earth and the constant chatter of heavy bolter fire filled the air as the intense battle continued on throughout the day. It wasn't until around noon on the next day that things began to wither down to only an occasional bolter shot. The Imperials had held the highway at the cost of well over a hundred warriors. The wounded numbered in the dozens and the cries of the dying were echoing throughout the battlefield. The cost was much too high to be considered anything less than a Pyrrhic Victory.

Segmentum Tempestus 999.M41

Harkonnen IV System; Planet Arrakia

Days on planet: 23

 Situation: Stable, In need of relief

      Aelgafar lay in a hospital bed being examined by constant sensors. He was in an constant, dull pain from the plasma that had caused his stomach to burn to the point of opening. The medics had sewn up but it didn't hold. It wasn't long until he was put into sedation and when he awoke, his abdomen muscles were replaced with cybernetic augmentations. He fell into shock when he first realized it and had to be put back into sedation. When he finally woke up, he started for long periods of time at his new abdomen. It was during one such staring session that Inquisitor Nimorol visited him. He sat at the foot of the bed and also looked at the augmentation. "You can thank me for that, Major. I used my resources to secure you Augmentations worthy of a Techpriest."
Aelgafar looked up at him. "It takes getting used to, I suppose."
Nimorol nodded. "That it does. Well, you'll have plenty of time to adjust during your next deployment."
He gave a puzzling look to the inquisitor. "Next deployment?"
Nimorol stood up. "You and the remains of your company are being deployed to Outpost Idaho. It provides the much needed water to a large portion of settlements in this region. It should be a relatively easy mission. Guard duty combined with rest and relaxation. You leave in the morning, and will be there within two days. I hope you enjoy yourself out there, Major."